Green Spring Cleaning, Ask ServiceMaster

We’ve done business in Alaska for a couple generations now. We’ve gotten to know our clients so well that they call us for advice on a variety of home related topics. They know we can help with everything from simple cleaning to home disasters to a bear break in…

We decided to put some of your best questions and our answers into a weekly blog. We hope this will help others with home issues as well.

We’ve decided to start with a common question about Spring Cleaning.

Q   We’ve decided to reduce our exposure to chemicals and go green. What spring-cleaning products do you recommend?

 A   For standard, light house cleaning, we like a lot of the products our grandmother liked.

For the kitchen floor– tiles or linoleum– mixed hot water and white vinegar half-and-half. For tile grout, try straight vinegar and a good stiff brush. And don’t about your kitchen smelling like spilled salad dressing. The vinegar dissipates in a few minutes.

For windows, recycle an old spray bottle and pour in straight vinegar. Your grandmother used to polish hers with old newspapers. If you have them, they still work, but so many of us are getting our news over the net these days, we also like the new, lint-free micro-fiber cleaning cloths.

For sinks and tubs and toilets, try your grandmother’s fizzy scrub—a paste of vinegar and baking soda. While your doing it you can offer the kids a mini chemistry lesson.  

For carpets and upholstery, sprinkle baking soda to absorb odors. (You can find a big box of it in the laundry section.) And then for spot cleaning, spray on straight white vinegar and scrub scrub with a cloth.

 Here’s a tip for the garbage cans: After you’ve used the vinegar and hot water on them, sprinkle the bottoms with the natural mineral borax (laundry section) to prevent mold and fungus, and to keep away insects.

 We don’t have that much of an insect problem here in Alaska, but if a few bugs start to find their way in, a sprinkling of borax and sugar should do the trick.

 And for that deep, professional clean be sure to search out an an eco-friendly cleaning service. Service Master Premier Service is the only Green Seal certified firm in the state of Alaska. (Just thought you’d like to know.)

 Happy cleaning and may all your springs be green. Just like your Grandmother’s.